How to transform your value proposition into a marketing offer

Transform Value Prop to Compelling Marketing Offer

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Crafting a well-developed value proposition is the first step in building a marketing offer that resonates with your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). Fill your marketing campaign(s) with marketing offers that motivate your ICP specifically to take action to move to the next step in the customer journey. A great value proposition combined with a compelling, targeted offer can drive the campaign conversion rate, ultimately delivering a better ROI on your marketing investment.

Your value proposition is the guidebook, and the marketing offer is the enticing trigger

Think of your value proposition as the business strategy guidebook for your company. It outlines what value your brand brings specifically to your ideal customer persona. Plus, it clearly states your unique value proposition or unique selling proposition (USP). This statement describes exactly how you solve your ICP’s problems differently from all other competitors.

Once you’ve nailed your value proposition, you need to get the message out to your potential customers in your target audience. That’s where your marketing offer comes in and where many companies fail. Creating a marketing offer that resonates means connecting your value proposition statement to your ICP at every step of the customer journey.

Marketing offers creatively restate your company’s value proposition

Have you ever:

  • Green-lighted a marketing idea because it was clever or creative, without considering how this “good idea” would play with your target audience?
  • Had your boss’ boss return from a trip with a campaign idea they saw out on the road?
  • Worked so hard setting up an ABM campaign or sales funnel landing page with a gated whitepaper that you didn’t give much thought to how it would fly with your ICP?

You’re not alone. Marketing offers are often an afterthought in complex campaigns, yet they hold immense power to get your audience’s attention. When crafted strategically, marketing offers spin your value prop to connect with your target market and repel others.

Prospects are discovering your company’s value proposition on their own

According to Think with Google, those involved in the B2B buying process are more than halfway down the decision path before reviewing your company’s products on the home page. Your target customers are conducting market research on their own. They’re looking at your product’s benefits and services (as well as other company’s products). Overall, they’re completing an average of 12 online searches before they show up on your site. The Think with Google report noted, “Customer learning is happening all the time, and it doesn’t coincide with your campaign calendar.”

To engage your target customers with your compelling value proposition, you must create valuable content and guide them to what’s next. Addressing their needs and answering their questions is what makes your content valuable. And then, as their guide, you must direct them to the next step of engagement. Your compelling offer gives prospects a reason to take action right then.

Deliver effective value proposition offers at the right time, right place

Content marketing investments have surged. Marketers now realize that the customer journey is more of a playground than a path or funnel. If you want your ideal customer profile to discover your company’s promise of value, you must deliver a wide selection of marketing materials throughout the customer journey ecosystem. Use your company’s value proposition to reinforce your competitive advantage, from awareness to advocacy. Show great examples of how your specific product solves pain points. Use your case studies to demonstrate how your company’s product solves specific problems. Even visual elements can be a powerful tool to creatively reinforce a strong value proposition.

Customer Journey is a Playground
The Customer Journey is a Playground, not a Path or Funnel

Read the room before delivering your compelling offer

Marketing strategies must align with the customer journey. Your content must address your customers’ problems and integrate your unique selling point. You can’t successfully offer a free trial on your service offering if your ICP is at the awareness stage. Instead, create engaging content, like interactive assessments, a helpful article, or webinars that address their main problems at the top-of-the-funnel (TOFU).

Prospects need a good reason to take action now. They need you to act as a guide. Creating examples of content that addresses pain points isn’t enough if you don’t strategically help your prospects move further along in the journey with a targeted offer.

Customer segments like ABM need customized offers

If you’ve already invested budget in running an ABM campaign (surveys show B2B marketers are investing about ¼ of their budget in ABM), consider how to reinforce the benefits of your product through more specific offers that resonate with your ABM customer segments. One common practice method is creating different content formats by repurposing a single report or study. Create a clear statement on how your brand specifically would help your ABM’s specific business, industry vertical, or persona. Share the content as ABM touchpoints and on social media accounts as organic content and / or retargeted ABM ads.

Use promotional items to connect and reinforce your value prop message

Support your powerful value proposition with a simple statement reinforced by a promotional item. For instance, if your powerful value prop is around clarity, send (or offer) Peeps eyeglass cleaners used by NASA or anti-fog cleaner for ski and scuba masks.

CarbonKlean Peeps
CarbonKlean Peeps eyeglass cleaners reinforce clarity, add credibility (used by NASA).

Stop overlooking your offers

After investing so much energy in identifying your ICP, USP, and creating your value proposition, it’s no wonder that marketers overlook offers.

Creating content addressing your prospective customer’s questions at every stage of the customer journey is its own massive undertaking.

Managing and monitoring an ABM program collab with sales and marketing, complete with multiple accounts, personas, and touchpoints at different pyramid levels, requires a focused effort.

Yet, all of these campaigns and marketing strategies can fail to drive conversions if you don’t ensure that you’re creating compelling offers with every piece of content or touchpoint. Compelling offers, even these little tokens to your most valuable prospects, help them to know, like, and trust you. In a long sales cycle, a small token helps add up to a big win without breaking the bank.

Four ways to fix your offers

Using your value proposition as the guide for your offers is how to begin to master creating the perfect offer. But if you’re time-crunched and want to boost results now, start by identifying these 4 common problems, and offer fixes that can improve results with little effort.

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