Sweepstakes Spotlight: Own the Throne from AT&T

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Recently AT&T launched a compelling, fun sweepstakes targeting Game of Thrones fans (practically everyone) called “Own the Throne”.

Participants can to enter to win an $18,000 replica of the Game of Thrones Throne. It’s an iconic piece from the wildly popular HBO series now entering it’s last season.

You can enter here: https://ownthethronesweepstakes.att.com/

AT&T is encouraging entrants to download the ATT “Thanks” app. This is their primary goal– give existing customers a reason to download this app so that they can deliver future loyalty rewards. T-Mobile runs a similar app that offers existing customers rewards every Tuesday. Their app is fun and engaging and has been a point of difference in a category that struggles with customer churn.

Needless to say, this sweepstakes is generating lots of attention. For GoT fans, it’s an ultimate prize.

Will AT&T use the sweepstakes data to follow up with entrants to encourage brand switching from Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint? They should.

Sweepstakes Flashback

This program flashed me back to a similar sweepstakes we developed several years ago for Playmates Toys: the Triple Tribbles game. It supported the Star Trek brand in a big way. For starters, we connected the theme to the Tribbles because the it’s the most recognizable Star Trek episode of all time. And Paramount was launching a new Tribbles episode during this season.

We used an instant-win on-box mechanism (matching colored Tribbles) that required shoppers to pick up the product at retail to see if they’ve won (over half of shoppers who pick up a product buy it).

It’s all in the Prize

We negotiated with our IP (intellectual property) partner, Paramount Pictures, to deliver a one-of-a-kind grand prize: converting the winner’s  living room into a replica deck of the Enterprise, as well as custom Star Trek uniforms and actual set props as secondary prizes. For free.

We extended the reach of the promotion by including a watch-and-win element, and bringing on other licensed partners to distribute game pieces (thus taking more customers to retail). Our partners included Dairy Queen, Interplay (video games), Marvel Comics, Simon and Schuster, and Pioneer. Our partners also provided free lower-end prizes (all Star Trek themed) to increase the overall value of the prize package.

Add layers to attack multiple objectives

Finally, we integrated an incremental sales driver onto the game piece: get a personalized Tribbles photo with two proofs-of-purchase. It’s another example of how you can put in a little extra effort and get more bang for your budget. Pushing for this kind of integration is one of the hallmarks of our campaigns.

Proven Strategies executed with evolving technologies

The Own the Throne Sweepstakes uses a similar strategy of using a popular and brand-relevant prize to connect with their audience. It’s timely, as the final season of GoT unfolds. And AT&T is definitely promoting the promotion through a variety of media.

In the end, the prize is awesome. It’s bringing attention to the brand. And it’s fun.

It’s a win.

XPROMOS Triple Tribbles
XPROMOS negotiated with Paramount to offer a free customized deck of the Enterprise built into your living room.

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