Star Trek Triple Tribbles Game

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XPROMOS cleared retail inventory of an evergreen toy line by creating a match and win game themed around the most popular Star Trek episode of all time, “The Trouble with Tribbles”. The Tribbles popularity connected adult collectors, boys 3-8 (core audience) and casual fans.

An instant-win on-box mechanism (matching colored Tribbles) required shoppers to pick up the product at retail to see if they’ve won (over half of shoppers who pick up a product buy it).

XPROMOS negotiated with the Star Trek IP (intellectual property) partner, Paramount Pictures, to deliver a one-of-a-kind grand prize: converting your living room into the deck of the Enterprise, as well as custom Star Trek uniforms and actual set props as secondary prizes. For free.

XPROMOS then extended the reach of the promotion by including a watch-and-win element, and bringing on other licensed partners to distribute game pieces (thus taking more customers to retail).

Partners: Dairy Queen, Interplay (video games), Marvel Comics, Simon and Schuster, and Pioneer.

Partners also provided free lower-end prizes(all Star Trek themed) to increase the overall value of the prize package.

Finally, XPROMOS integrated an incremental sales driver onto the game piece: get a personalized Tribbles photo with two proofs-of-purchase.

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