Incentive Programs

Incentives reward customers for taking specific actions.

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Ideal incentives are enticements that relate to the brand promise, while also emotionally connecting with the target audience. Incentives are the carrot dangled in front of the person you’re trying to convince to take an action. The cost of the reward can be miniscule. The value of the reward should be commensurate with the desired action.

The perfect marketing reward has a high perceived value but low actual cost. It might be branded with the corporate logo. It could be co-branded to borrow interest. It may be unbranded as a highly desirable item (such as hot new consumer technology).

It might be an all-digital product. The most successful incentives appeal to the target audience, tell a relatable, positive story about the brand, and cause the target to take the desired action.

Trade Incentives

Trade incentives

Programs designed to reward sales people or distributors who meet predefined goals



AKA premium programs: campaigns offering a FREE item with consumer action (typically purchase)

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Rewards & Loyalty

Programs that reward customers for ongoing purchases over time