Audience Segmentation

High value audiences deserve targeted campaigns (like ABM).

What We Do

Whether you’ve segmented your audience by culture, cohort, or lead score, expect a greater return-on-investment by narrowing your marketing message and offer.  Segmented marketing campaigns maximize value from defined audiences though more personalized messaging. Everyone wants to feel special.

Segmented audiences feel better understood and are more likely to engage. We are masters at finding simple ways to connect with an audience, even if you don’t know much about what makes them unique. 

Learn more about our ABM campaigns here.

Multicultural Segmentation


Campaigns tapping into cultural passions with cultures like Hispanic or LatinX

Youth Marketing


Campaigns targeting youth product buyers (preschool, tween, teen, young adult).

B2B Marketing


Campaigns created to target decision-makers and influencers in the complex business buyer world.

B2C Marketing


Consumer campaigns focused on highlighting the problem you solve, or need you fulfill.