Seize the brand opportunity: accessible martech for all

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) recently featured a handful of real-world examples of how companies are using new marketing technologies to meet corporate objectives.  Hats off to Nestle Drumstick, Red Robin, Patron Spirits, Electrolux and others (along with their agencies) for jumping in to create new brand experiences.

The beauty of many of today’s new technologies is that basically any brand can  participate.  You don’t have to have the budgets of P&G or McDonald’s or Verizon to create a virtual reality event at your trade show, develop a Periscope promotion, or run a digital instant-win game. What you do need is a thirst for innovation, and a desire to stand out from a crowd by connecting with your audience in a new and different way.

You have to know where your audience is hanging out, and be willing to use an authentic voice to connect.  And you must get creative to see what emerging technology tactic you can leverage to meet your age-old objectives of trial/sampling, lead generation, and sales.

As marketers, we live in exciting times where the digital world has leveled the playing field.  Anyone can access the resources, research, tools, and technologies needed to give a good product or service a shot at independent success. The tragedy of our era would be to not recognize and seize that opportunity.

Need some inspiration and real-life case studies with key takeaways? Read the details at:



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