Maximizing Value by Repurposing Assets

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Many B2B sales and marketing teams aren’t getting the results the expected from valuable (and pricey) analyst reports and whitepapers.

So we created a fix.

A process for repurposing your asset into thoughtful, targeted, bite-sized chunks that can help you exceed goals across your enterprise, from TOFU to BOFU.

This quarter (through 12/31) we are offering new clients a special 30 pieces of customized content in 30 days for $10,000.

You choose the business verticals, social platforms, and types of assets, and we distill and customize the content for you to drop into your existing ecosystem.

Already, we’re seeing new clients take us up on the offer and customize it to fit their needs. How? In some cases they’re asking us to create two levels of assets: ungated content plus ad and social content. In other cases, it’s focused on customizing for multiple verticals to drop into ABM campaigns.

Most thinly-stretched marketers don’t have the bandwidth to optimize their core assets. It’s not an easy handoff because of the need for someone else to absorb and then strategically create bits of info that will engage a prospect.

Fortunately, that’s right up our alley. We’ve been repurposing assets to maximize value and attract different audience for years. Across business verticals and asset types.

But we’ve never offered it up like this before.

How it Works

It all starts with a quick meeting or emails to get clear on the core asset you’ve got to work with, and we agree to move forward.

Next, in one client intake session, you share the piece of content (if you haven’t done so previously), and we ask questions about your objectives, key business verticals, ABM targets, buyer personas, etc.  Every company has different insights and tools available, so we go with what you have.

We fill in the gaps by doing independent research on your company and your target audience(s).

We outline the suggested assets to create based on our understanding of your ecosystem. We talk to anyone we need to inside your organization (social teams, MA, etc) to make sure we deliver the way they need them.

You approve, we get to work.

You see round 1, you make changes.

We revise, then deliver final materials for integration.

The whole process is typically 3-4 weeks, pending your input.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in getting more out of what you’ve got, reach out to us to start now. Schedule a call or drop an email to

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