Leveraging ICP Pain points as ABM Touchpoints

ABM Touchpoints

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If you’re currently running ABM programs, you’re no doubt already plugged into the ideal customer personas. You know your target audience’s significant pain points, and how your product or service can eliminate their ills. Plus, you’re well aware of the fact that it now takes the average B2B prospect 27 touches to close. That’s a lot of ABM touchpoints.

Chances are, you’ve already sent those ideal buyer contacts white papers and case studies, and webinar invites. You’ve probably followed up with a few email and LinkedIn messages too.

Now, it’s a waiting game of sorts. You’re in the email nurture experience. You need to ensure you stay “top of mind”, so that your competitor doesn’t swoop in and snag your prospect at the point when they’re finally to buy. That means delivering fresh content on a regular and on-going basis, just so they don’t forget you.

What else can you do?

You’ve already sent all of the Grade-A Marketing Assets. And there’s no new event to invite them to. You feel like there’s nothing left to say.

So what else can you do?

Best-selling authors often talk about their book tours by sharing the observation that “you get tired of saying the same thing way before your audience gets tired of hearing it.” In other words, dispel your worries about “repeating your message too much to the prospect.”

 Instead, focus some energy (bandwidth and resources) on thinking of new ways to say the same thing.

How to turn their pain points into touchpoints

You don’t want your prospect to forget about their pain (and your solution). So why not remind them in a new way of the pain they’re facing and how you can fix it?

Case in point: we helped a client whose research showed that his prospects suffered from specific pain points due to accelerated growth. Armed with this research, he asked us to develop creative direct mailers that would address their challenges.

SIDE NOTE ON DIRECT MAIL: After all these years of hating on “junk mail”, direct mail is back in a big way! It’s now seen as the tactic that “breaks through the clutter,” thanks to the daily inbox overflow (sound familiar?). However, plain vanilla postcards or flats won’t grab the attention of your best prospect. Instead, engagement comes with unexpected dimensional packages, sometimes called “lumpy mail”.  Why? Because even as adults, we love surprises, and our brains crave novelty.

One such pain point that we used direct mail to address was around business insights. As companies grow, senior management finds that they’re not at close to the action. They’re out of the weeds, and as a result, they lose touch with their operations. Yet, they need a way to see what’s happening to determine how to move forward. In short, they don’t have a clear picture of the company.

We addressed that common pain point by collaborating with one of the premier manufacturers of anti-fog sprays. We sent product vials out with branded micro cloths to our c-level prospects, along with inserted messaging about clarity.

In another example, we sourced ready-to-grow plants in tiny, branded boxes to reinforce the analogy that you may be outgrowing your existing solution just like successful plants outgrowing their containers.

Making your ABM touchpoints stand out

Neither of these direct mail premiums was particularly expensive. Instead, they relied heavily on creativity and fun:

  • Each was memorable.
  • Each featured a small, functional, brandable item that made an obvious connection between the pain point and the solution.
  • Each included a call to action.
  • Each broke through the traditional messaging to garner much-needed attention from a key prospect.

Switching up your ABM touches with an unexpected little something in the mail in a fantastic way to ensure you stay “top-of-mind” so that you get the call when your prospect is ready to buy.

Would you like to hear more about how XPROMOS can develop creative touchpoints for your ABM campaign? Set a discovery call today, or find out more about ABM at abm.xpromos.com

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