How to Fast-track Filling your Funnel with Quality Prospects

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Are you struggling to get quality prospects to engage with your brand?

You’re not alone.

Lead development is a major challenge for most businesses.

That’s why the first in-depth webinar in our Magnificent 7 Trigger Tools series focuses on the tool best suited for top-of-the-funnel engagement: sweepstakes, games, and contests.

If you missed the intro to the Magnificent 7 Trigger Tools webinar, you can get more details on it here.

This is the MOST effective trigger tool at the top of the funnel, when you are trying to get a prospect to take note of your brand and engage.

Why Trigger Tools work

Trigger tools like sweepstakes work because they create excitement and urgency.  They are easily bolted-on to existing campaigns at any step of the customer journey. When created with our process, trigger tools reinforce a brand’s essence and aren’t effectively replicated by competitors.

Sweepstakes offer budget certainty

Many marketers make sweepstakes (along with games and contests) their trigger tool of choice because of the inherent budget certainty. Since the prize package is fixed, the redemption cost remains constant, regardless of the number of participants. You can get more qualified prospects without worrying about estimating the uncertain back-end budget impact of redemption. It’s also what makes sweepstakes a viable choice to drive engagement at literally every step of the customer journey.

What you’ll learn

Creating the perfect enticement to engage prospects involves more than just the carrot. You will learn how to create an enticing message that connects the core components of your brand in a way that motivates prospects to take action.

The five kinds of sweepstakes prizes that prospects covet

Prize selection is a critical component of filling your funnel. In this webinar we will demystify prizing by giving you a checklist of the top five prize categories. Armed with this knowledge, you can narrow your focus on offering prizes best suited for YOUR prospects.

Connecting your three pieces of knowledge

By revealing our proven formula for success, you will learn how to connect three key pieces of knowledge to create a successful, competitor-proof enticement at the top of the sales funnel.

Three digital sweepstakes tools to connect

Cut through the clutter of the hordes of digital tools and check out our recommendations on sweepstakes tools you can use to easily and securely get your program up and running.

Preventing sweepstakes prize fulfillment nightmares

You’ll get critical insights on how to choose and position prizes in such a way that prevents wasting valuable resources on challenging winner fulfillment. You will also learn how to legally select and contact winners.

Join us live on May 3

We will be presenting live on Thursday, May 3 at 9 AM PT. Sign up now for free.


Need help sooner?

Reach out and so we can set up a time to chat about your challenge.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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