Efficiently Reaching Social Influencers to Promote your Brand

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How influential are social influencers?

In a word, VERY.

Most marketers acknowledge that bloggers are becoming more and more influential, as consumers are looking online to discover new brands and reinforce their purchase choices.  Consumers surveys show that over 80% trust blog content, and over 60% have made a purchase as a result of a blog post. Learn more about their influence in this #infographic:

Impact of Social Influencers Infographic

So how do marketers find, engage, and analyze the work of bloggers?

It can be daunting.

There are now over 2 million bloggers in the US alone, posting 500,000 pieces of content daily.  And the “biggest” bloggers may not be the “best” bloggers for your brand. Defining and finding the best bloggers for your brand is no easy task.  It’s time consuming, and that’s just the beginning.  From there, you’ve got to reach out the ones you think may be right, and try to negotiate individual deals to get them to support your brand. If you get that far, then you’ve got to try to evaluate the effectiveness before you consider scaling.

The good news is, I am never doing it that way again, and you don’t have to either.

We’ve finally uncovered a scalable solution that FINDS, COMPENSATES and TRACKS bloggers for your brand.

It’s a game-changer.  Finally, an easy and effective process that any marketer can use to expand a marketing campaign’s reach to you target audience’s social influencers.  Experience shows that brands receive the greatest value when bloggers share promotional activities like a product launch, event, sweepstakes/contest/giveaway, or special/limited-time offer.

We work with brands to help build the placement assets for bloggers to use, including entertaining brand content, videos/photos and infographics, and unique URL links to ecommerce, websites, and social channels.  Then, we:

  • CONNECT your brand to a network of targeted influencers who speak to your audience
  • SCALE the reach within the parameters of your budget
  • DELIVER measurable results with in-depth analytics.

Want to learn more? Give us a shout.  Drop a note to [email protected]


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