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Secrets to Fast-Tracking Customer Journey Engagement

At long last, we are launching a free webinar series this week to help marketers quickly and efficiently increase campaign engagement. How? By choosing the right tool to trigger prospects and customers to take action. Getting engagement along the customer...
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Efficiently Reaching Social Influencers to Promote your Brand

How influential are social influencers? In a word, VERY. Most marketers acknowledge that bloggers are becoming more and more influential, as consumers are looking online to discover new brands and reinforce their purchase choices.  Consumers surveys show that over 80% trust...
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Finding an awesome sweepstakes prize inside your own company

This is just one of the 8 hot ideas you can find in “Eight untapped Sweepstakes Prize Hacks: Big Value on a Small Budget”. According to the IEG, annual sponsorship spending by North American companies was expected to reach over $20 billion...
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Say Goodbye (finally) to Speed Reading Terms on TV and Radio

Since 1976, the FCC has required broadcast stations that advertised its contests and sweepstakes to the general public to disclose the material terms on air. These on-air disclosures typically have taken the form of very rapidly recited terms at the end...
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Legal sweepstakes? No. WTC fined $2.7M for illegal lottery at Ironman

Want to know the different between a legal sweepstakes and an illegal lottery?  Ask WTC. The World Triathlon Corporation found out the hard way the difference when the FTC hit them with a $2.7 million dollar fine for running an...
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