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Mastering the SEO Marathon

SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Here’s a handy infographic to keep you on track. SEO marketers have a lot to keep up with: updated algorithms, changing user behaviors, and new technologies. This infographic puts all that info...
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Secrets to Fast-Tracking Customer Journey Engagement

At long last, we are launching a free webinar series this week to help marketers quickly and efficiently increase campaign engagement. How? By choosing the right tool to trigger prospects and customers to take action. Getting engagement along the customer...
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It’s Q4: Time to Close…. and Open.

I love Q4.  Back in the ‘90’s, we typically spent Thanksgiving weekend preparing to hear what toys didn’t move well on Black Friday, so that we could get promotions in-store the following week for the under-performers. It was all hands...
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Marketing automation is awesome… except when it’s not.

I’ve heard a few horror stories lately from colleagues about top-of-the-funnel leads lost as a result of marketing automation “glitches”. A handful of our middle-of-the-funnel campaigns also recently stalled because of internal corporate martech challenges. As we all know, neither...
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Prospects don’t live in a vacuum

“Help! My click-thru’s took a nose-dive.” “Out of nowhere, my opt-in rate crashed.” “My sales dropped off the cliff this week.” Marketers say this time and again, throughout the course of the year.  Many are truly perplexed as to why...
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