XPROMOS is an independent marketing firm with a 30 year legacy of driving sales for Fortune 500 companies and everyday name brands by fusing audience passion and evolving technologies with proven strategies all along the customer journey.

Our proven model for success motivates prospects to take action at any step of the customer journey.

Our clients say we work magic


Brandi Starr


XPROMOS is amazing to work with: creative, full of ideas, and always thinking 10 steps ahead. I would tell them what I wanted to accomplish and then like magic the campaign was ready and even more amazing that I expected. They are always on-time (any project delays came from our team) and on-budget.


Ken Hefley


Our first-strike mentality is paying big dividends. We invested early in the Hispanic contractor, and now we are seeing their support translate to market share.  The ROI is clear.


Carlo Castillo

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The sports industry tends to be conservative, which inhibits consumer input and innovation. Thankfully, XPROMOS developed a system to tap consumer insights that inspire and drive revolutionary growth initiatives. They are world-class at creating effective sponsorship programs and executing them efficiently for the world’s biggest brands.

We built a 30 year success story by:

  • Meeting impossible deadlines

  • Leveraging new trending technologies

  • Squeezing greater ROI out of tight budgets

You don’t need a huge marketing budget to be successful.

Success comes when you combine audience passion with innovation and determination.

How to work with us


You can hire XPROMOS to solve your next business challenge. We will build concepts that motivate your buyers to move to the next step of the customer journey. We can put that campaign into action, and fulfill rewards and prizes at the end.


If we a good match for your organization, you can hire XPROMOS to collaborate and consult with you (and hold you accountable) on how to drive incremental sales by improving results along the customer journey, from discovery to advocacy.


XPROMOS has taken their 30 years of expertise and build a series of resources available to the DIY marketer, including webinars, downloads, and one-sheets. These resources continue to evolve as we share ways to boost response at any step of the customer journey.